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Batman Day begins…

You want those Batman cufflinks, don’t you?  Or perhaps you’d like ‘em for your Dad?  Older brother?  They’d look pretty snappy on anyone (the Penguin, perhaps, to remind him of foes to be vanquished?)

Come in on Batman Day this Friday and make Bat-themed earrings, keychains, and buttons.  See you there!

Batman Day is THIS FRIDAY!

We will have

  • A scavenger hunt running all day — go to our Reference, Information, or Children’s Desks to pick up your scavenger hunt sheet. (You just might win a Batman mask!)
  • Crafts running all day
  • Screenings all day in Hunneman Hall, starting with titles for our younger patrons and growing up to the Dark Knight (rated PG-13) for the afternoon crowd
  • A Batman comics discussion lunch (you bring your lunch, we’ll bring dessert)

Attend any of these programs and go home with a Batman 75th Anniversary goodie bag courtesy of DC Comics.

Today the Brookline Public Library is going on the road — to the Coolidge Corner Farmer’s Market! 

I’ll be there 1-4pm to talk about teen services, invite everyone to do duct tape crafts, sign up folks for summer reading, and ask for all of you to tell us which titles you think are awesome by putting your recommendations in the Awesome Box.  All in all, staff will be at the Farmer’s Market until 6:00pm.

Drop by and say hello!

Join us FRIDAY JULY 25th all day for Batman Day! 

There will be buttons, masks, crafts, scavenger hunts, screenings, & a lunchtime comics discussion about all things Batman!

You never know, Batgirl might be on the Reference Desk when you drop by.

Check out our full schedule of events!


Top Shelf Reveals Cover for Book 2 of ‘March’ — Good Comics for Kids

Yay!  Really looking forward to the next installment of this amazing work.


The illustrator of The Shadow Hero, the new graphic novel about an Asian American superhero written by Gene Luen Yang, writes about representing Asians in comics.

By Sonny Liew


"Ching Chong!"

It took me a second to realise he was shouting at me. This complete stranger, white, male,…

Here are a few action shots from our Retro Technology Fair yesterday!  Thanks to the over 165 folks who came over and visited — it was great fun to see everyone explore all of the items, and to either have their memory jogged (many adults) or wonder at how anyone use THAT (many kids).

Check out all of our photos of the Fair over here on Facebook.

Many of the items from the Fair will be on display on the main floor of the Main Library during July and August, so if  you missed the Fair, come on over and see our display during the summer.

MONDAY JULY 7, 11:00am-7:00pm

The Technology of Yesterday…Today!

See even more at the Retro Technology Fair!

Ah, the walkman (although this particular cassette player is not a Sony, and yes, that is a Pi plate.) 

It’s hard to convince listeners today just how revolutionary the idea of portable, personal music was — before all recorded music was shared, and while some was portable, nothing was quite so easy as popping your walkman in your pocket and slipping on those headphones to enter your own musical world.

It also reminds me of how once, before recordings of any kind, you heard something once, and only once, and had to count on your memory to keep the song alive.  Nate Dimeo’s Memory Palace did a gorgeous podcast on just this over here: Heard, Once.  Go and give it a listen.

MONDAY JULY 7, 11:00am-7:00pm

The Technology of Yesterday…Today!

At the Retro Technology Fair, we have quite the collection of cameras from decades past.  Nothing quite shows the beauty of design as the care and attention paid to the design of a camera from the 1910s.