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Wednesday September 3, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

The Edible Book Festival is coming!

Join us in two of our favorite pastimes: reading and eating delicious food!

To celebrate the end of our summer reading challenge for adults and teens, we’re inviting everyone to come in to the library to judge the best entries from staff in our Edible Book Festival. We’ll be serving up edible creations themed on books, and you decide who wins the day. Categories will include funniest or punniest, most delicious, and best in show.

VIEWING starts at 4:00pm.

TASTING starts at 5:30pm.

VOTE at any time.

WINNERS announced at 6:30pm.


Map of the City Where Every Novel Takes Place


In this bookish city, Animal Farm is a farm off of Wuthering Heights road. The park system includes Lunar Park, Jurassic Park, Mansfield Parkand The Asphalt Jungle. You can go hiking At the Mountains of Madness and Cold Mountain, or take a dip in Dead Lagoon.

Designed by Dorothy, you can purchase the map as a 60cm x 80cm print



Over at Book Riot, I talk about 28 must-follow Tumblrs for fans of YA.

Now go do the thing you have to do if you’re not already following any of these. I’ve got authors, group tumblrs, libraries, and more. There’s something — 28 somethings! — for everyone. 

Thanks for the love, catagator!  So honored to be included (and glad to find even more tumblrs to follow.)

…to any teenage boys out there who might be reluctant to read about girls or books written by women: What are you afraid of? The worst thing that could happen is you’ll discover that girls are people too, and not necessarily all that different from you. The best thing you’ll learn is how you can act like a decent person, so girls might not mind talking to you. They might even say yes when you ask them out. They might ask you out, and you should be cool with that. Another boy might ask you out, and that could be cool too. Maybe you want to say yes. Look, there are no “boy books” or “girl books,” there are only good books and bad books. Seriously, go read some Judy Blume. You’ll thank me later.
E.C. Myers (ecmyers) from Confessions of a Male YA Author (and author of the smart sci-fi Fair Coin)

What will your verse be?

For a certain generation of us, Dead Poet’s Society is one of our first (but certainly not our only) experience of the warmth of Robin Williams.

We will miss you, sir.

Guess who had a great time at Boston Comic-Con this weekend?

This librarian! 

My friends and I decided to settle on a 1940s era theme this weekend.  That’s me on the far left as a Rule 63 (aka gender-swapped) S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson, then a friendly (or at least reconciled) Red Skull we met just outside the Con, my good friend Wil as the Captain, our very own Children’s librarian Caroline as Peggy Carter, and my once Teen Room volunteer and soon to be amazing Peace Corps volunteer, Cailey as Iron Man (or Iron Lady, really.)  (If the Red Skull gentleman sees this post, please let me know who you are and I’ll give you credit - amazing job, sir!)

I’m betting a few of you were there too — I’d love to see your favorite costumes & hear about your favorite finds.  Anything the library should get ASAP?

The time has come to start gathering suggestions to vote on for the next year’s worth of titles to read!

We’re gathering suggestions for twelve categories:
  • Romance
  • Humor
  • Multiple Voices (two or more points of view)
  • Realism
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Protagonist of Color
  • Historical Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Classics of Teen Literature
  • Retellings (of classics, fairy tales, etc.)
Check out what we’ve read in the past over here.
Please not this year we haven’t specified a graphic novel/comics category, but obviously titles in any format can be eligible for each genre, so think about graphic novels, comics, poetry, and other formats in making your suggestions.
If you’re a member of the Shelf Respect Book Club, send in your suggestions over at our suggestion box here:

See you all at next week’s meeting, Wednesday August 13th, to discuss Poison by Bridget Zinn!



#WeNeedDiverseBooks summer reading series! If you liked Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, they try Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith, which has women fighter pilots during World War II and dangerous secrets.

Reblogging for those who haven’t seen this before. Both books are excellent!

Completely agreed on this rec — I adore both books, and Flygirl is too often overlooked IMHO.

I just wanted to post a few photos of our great participants in Batman Day — so many amazing costumes, and a great crowd all day long.  Thanks to everyone who came! 

Our Batman hedgehog will hold down the fort for all of our comics fans.


(via Fan Fiction Takes Flight Among Teens | School Library Journal)

This is a really strong article on the current snapshot of fandom, fan works, and its influence on readers, creators, and the landscape of teen fiction.  Enjoyed it thoroughly, and happily it hits upon all the points I like to see made about the benefits of fan creation.