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Look!  LOOK.  If you hit the half-way point in this year’s Teen Summer Passport Challenge, just look at what YOU can get!  For all of you teens who get nine stamps or more in their passport, one of your options for a prize is a recycled book hedgehog (commissioned by you, created by yours truly.)  Check out the Teen Summer Passport program here, if you haven’t already signed up and want your chance at a hedgehog.  There’s still plenty of time!

(Yes, there is a Captain American hedgehog in there.  I’m currently working on Thor.  I hope to complete a full set of Avengers hedgehogs.)

UPDATED: Just to reassure folks, all of the books used to make these hedgehogs have been well-read and loved to the point of falling apart and losing pages, hence why I’m recycling them.  We already have replacements on the shelves here at my library, never fear!

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