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Are librarians always this classy?  We like to think yes.

However, amid all of the work at ALA Annual this year in Chicago, we three librarians also took the time to celebrate our many years of friendship and collaboration by heading to the amazing Vavoom photo studio for some period fun.

Featured is Snow Wildsmith, once-and-future-librarian and co-author of The Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids Comics and author of the Joining the Military series; Eva Volin, Head of Children’s Services in Alameda, CA, and myself.  They’re my ladies.

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    Awesome pic of three of my favorite librarians. These ladies have worked darn hard to get comics and graphic novels into...
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    Yay librarian friends! Lookin’ fine, ladies!
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    Who doesn’t love librarians? All three of these ladies have been incredibly supportive of my work and, as an added...
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    Oh my gosh I love you all.
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