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It’s that time of year again: Blind Date with a Book!  Who’s ready to take a chance on an unknown title that may just be your next favorite?

Here’s how it works:

  • Check out a book based on it’s profile. You might discover a new (or old) favorite
  • Don’t unwrap the book…until you get home
  • If it’s not the book for you, you can always return it and try again — no one’s feelings will be hurt!
  • With each book, there’s a comment card — let us know what you thought of your selection, and whether you’d read that author again.

This year, our choices are color-coded by age.  This gives you a bit of hint of the kind of book you’re in for, but remember, everyone should read books for every age.

  • Red wrapping = adult titles
  • Blue wrapping = teen titles
  • Purple wrapping = children’s titles

Since I’m the one who wrapped the books, I can tell you, our staff has pulled out  great ones!  But I’m biased…so be a bit daring, and pick up a package from our display.