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Who’s going to be at our Saturday Night Tee Off @ the Library AND the Sunday morning for kids & families & teens too?

The amazing artists Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline!

Just a few things to help you get to know these two:

  • Both Shelli and Braden draw the artwork for the amazingly popular Adventure Time Comics, based on the smash Cartoon Network show, along with Ryan North, who writes the comics, and a variety of guest artists.  These two do the main internal artwork.
  • They have won great acclaim for their Adventure Time comics, including winning an Eisner Award (the Oscars of comics) as well as a Harvey Award in 2013.
  • What’s it like to work together as a married couple on comics day in and day out? As Shelli says, “…we never argue. We just have IDEA BATTLES.” (interview over here)

I’ve met both of these artists over the years at comics conventions like the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (also know as MICE) and even down the street at New England Comics, and they’re just as awesome as you’d hope.

Here’s their official biographies.  Be sure to come and meet them (and buy books and comics to get signed! And possibly sketched in!) at the Tee Off.

Shelli Paroline escaped early on into the world of comics, cartoons, and science fiction. She has now returned to the Boston area, where she works as an unassuming illustrator and designer. She and her husband Braden Lamb currently illustrate the Adventure Time comics for Kaboom! Studios.

Shelli is a founding member of the Boston Comics Roundtable a local comic creators collective and helps organize the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE).

Braden Lamb grew up in Seattle, studied film in upstate New York, learned about vikings in Iceland and Norway, and established an art career in Boston. Now he draws and colors comics, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Braden and his wife and art partner Shelli Paroline are the series artists for the Eisner- and Harvey-award-winning Adventure Time comic book published by kaboom! studios, written by Ryan North.

Who’s going to be at our Saturday Night Tee Off @ the Library?

The delightful and charming M. T. Anderson!

Just a few things to help you get to know M. T. Anderson:

I first heard Mr. Anderson speak way back in 2007 (I’ve been a librarian for a time, folks!) and I remember being bowled over by his humor, wit, and cheered by his message: everyone should embrace whatever kind of geek you are and to remember that everyone is a geek about something. Agreed!

Over the years I’ve seen him at various events and conferences, and not only is he just as intelligent and curious as his books make you expect he’ll be, but he’s also charming, hilarious, and just the kind of person who’ll enjoy mini-golf.  Just look at that twister photo (from the wonderful Dudes of YA photo spread).

You can hear more from him about his life and work in this 2012 interview.

Here’s his official biography, in case all this isn’t enough to entice you to come and meet him (and buy his books to get signed!) at the Tee Off.

M. T. Anderson has written stories for adults, picture books for children, adventure novels for young readers, and several books for older readers (both teens and adults). His satirical book Feed was a Finalist for the National Book Award and was the winner of the L.A. Times Book Prize. The first volume of his Octavian Nothing saga won the National Book Award and the Boston Globe / Horn Book Prize. Both the first and second volumes of that two-part series were Printz Honor Books. He has published stories for adults in literary journals like The Northwest Review, The Colorado Review, and Conjunctions

Will we have a castle on our mini-golf course this year? You’ll have to putt to find out!

Sunday morning, the golf course winding through the library stacks is open for kids, families & teens!

Enjoy mini-golf, breakfast treats, face painting, special guest authors (to be announced very soon!), and a photo booth to capture your memories.

Doors open at 8:30am. Last tee off at 10:30am.

TICKETS: $10 for families up to four; Open to kids ages 5 on up through to teens.

FOR SUNDAY MORNING register at or call 617-730-2069.



Saturday May 3, 7:30pm-10:00pm

Saturday night, we’re hosting an evening of mini-golf amid the stacks just for adults!

Get your tickets early! Online, tickets will be $5 or $15 (including alcohol), but after May 1st, tickets will only be available at the door for $10 or $20 (including alcohol.)

But tickets here or call 617-730-2370 for more information.

Festivities will include

  • Mini-golf (with loop de loops!)
  • An invitation to both gents and ladies to show off their best Kentucky Derby outfits
  • The chance to meet special guest authors, and the opportunity to buy copies of their books & get them signed then and there
  • Beer, wine, and cocktails from the outstanding local purveyors Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Pretty Things, and the Wine Gallery.

Doors open at 7:30pm. Last tee off at 9:30pm.

See how much fun we had in previous years, leading us to open up the course to adults this year!

NOT YET 21? Check out our Sunday Tee Off for kids, families & teens.

Art by Vera Brosgol. Visit her website at and check out her excellent graphic novel, Anya’s Ghost!

Tee Off is back!  Here’s the info about our Saturday night for adults, and keep an eye out for our Sunday morning event for kids, families & teens!

Attention Brookline & Boston mini-golf and library fans!  Do you want to enjoy the whimsy and friendly competition of mini-golf right here, in Brookline, in your very own library?

We’re trying out something new this year for our annual Tee Off @ the Library event!  This year, we aim to host an evening of mini-golf & festivities for adults.

What would you like to see at such an event? Take our survey and let us know. The more we hear from you, the better a night it will be!

And here are some of the delightful photos from Tee Off on Sunday morning.  Check out all of the photo booth snapshots here at the library’s flickr page!

Tee Off @ the Library: playing the 18th hole!  The one down the stairs is everyone’s favorite…because it goes down the stairs. 

One of our lovely sponsors from Kookoo’s Cafe (and our very own Kookoo’s Nest) Ali and Elie make a pretty smashing duo at our Photo Booth too.

Some highlights from the Teen night for Mini-Golf!  Book hedgehogs were a hit (you can see a Cheshire Cat being made) and the photo both was great fun.  We had more than a few Doctors…good thing we had our electronic screwdriver on hand.

Check out all of the photo booth snapshots over at the library’s flickr page here.

The mini-golf begins tomorrow!  WHO’S WITH ME?

Teens are invited to join us on Saturday April 6th and families are invited to join us Sunday April 7th!  You can pre-register online here or register at the door.

Remember these guys?  At this year’s Tee Off, teens will have a chance to make and costume some book hedgehogs of their very own!  Anyone want to tackle Hogwarts?  Mortal Instruments?  The Diviners?  Code Name Verity?  Think of the hedgehog possibilities!

THIS WEEKEND! Teens are invited to join us on Saturday April 6th and families are invited to join us Sunday April 7th!